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gyalshen-healing-incenseGYALSHEN HEALING INCENSE contains the precious combination of juniper leaves and other herbs harvested from trees growing on Kongpo Bonri (Bon Mountain) in Tibet. It is said that this mountain was blessed by the Buddha Tonpa Shenrab when he first came to Tibet from Zhang Zhung. 

The blessed juniper leaves, along with various other herbs from Mt. Kailash including  water drops from the Turquoise Lake, near Mt. Kailash, has been hand crafted and then empowered by several meditation masters in Tibet Including Chaphur Rinpoche’s lineages through the Yidam practices of Takla Mebar and Sidpa Gyalmo.

Offering this incense will help to purify one’s internal and external obstacles, tame the internal winds and bring relaxation of mind. 

 Our incense can also be used during fire purification rituals as it contains all of the necessary ingredients to properly perform sang chöd or fire puja. 

Auspiciousness! Mutsuk Marro! 

It comes with 2 different sizes.