Ma Gyud

Ma Gyu (Mother Tantra)


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The Ma Gyu, or Mother Tantra, is the highest tantra in the Yungdrung Bon tradition, and shares a view similar to that of Dzogchen or Nature Mind. The Ma Gyu is a path of transformation through the cultivation of compassion involving prayers for all sentient beings. It strives for the release of all beings from the bondage of suffering. The heart of the practice focuses on reflection upon three objects: lama, yidam and khandro.

The practitioner visualizes uniting with and transforming into Shenla Okar, Sangchog Gyalpo, and Kyema Otso respectively. The goal of the practice is ultimately to transform ourselves so that we manifest all of the enlightened qualities symbolized by the lama, yidam, and khandro.

The image itself measures 45″ tall and 26″ wide.