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Product Description

Traditional Tibetan Prayer Table

Hand carved wooden traditional Tibetan table for use as altar or daily prayer table. The table was handmade in India from Himalayan pine wood. It can easily be folded for moving or storage and made according to traditional Tibetan woodworking with no metal hinges. The table is carved with two dragons facing the wish fulfilling jewel in the middle on the front and a snow lion on either side of the table. It is also carved with various other Tibetan motifs. The table’s size was specifically tailored for daily prayers and practice while sitting on a meditation cushion. It can also be used as an altar for a statue or offerings.

The dimensions of the table: Length – 27 inches, Width – 14 inches, Height – 13.5 inches. When folded, the height – 3.5 inches and weighs (approximately) – 11 pounds (5 kg) only.

It comes in two color options: Gold and Red.